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Who we are:

Finance & Legal are a team of experts and specialists that work alongside the business to enable its success through delivery of critical services. These include the provision of financial information and analysis to successfully steer the business; procurement of suppliers and services; management of business and compliance risks; tax and cash management; process improvements; legal advice; and perhaps most important of all, making sure everyone gets paid!

What's our mission?

To be an engaged and high performing team that supports and challenges the business to aid optimal decision making and financial sustainability. To protect the business through provision of clear guard rails with robust, compliant and efficient processes and policies. We aim to deliver for internal and external customers by always moving forward and improving with investment in enhanced analytics and business information.

What is it like to work for Finance & Legal?

Finance & Legal is a great place to work; our people are talented, passionate and supportive, leading to a high performing culture within the function. We pride ourselves on being a core business partner to the brands and functions we collaborate with, to generate great results for the UK business, and always helping to steer the business in the right direction. We relish being involved in the day-to-day workings of the business and adding value with our experience and knowledge.

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