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Who we are:

The automotive industry is transforming. The rise of EVs, increased connectivity, shared mobility, changing customer expectations, and the technological revolution have brought a raft of new challenges.

The scale of this shift in the way we work means a new focus for IT professionals who are tasked with delivering business change to match Volkswagen Group’s ambitious strategy.

We’re providing innovative solutions, maintaining applications and optimising security. We're experts in our business processes and systems, and leaders of vast transformation programmes.

In Group IT, we have a unique culture, built on diversity, difference and friendship.

We are responsible for projects right across Volkswagen Group UK, so you'll find the work varied and challenging, and there’s plenty of opportunity to spread your wings and become involved in more initiatives.

What's our mission?

Together, the Group IT team works across the business with brands, our head office in Germany and our suppliers to deliver IT applications and solutions.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with different functions, so you can make an impact across the organisation.

This is an environment where hard work doesn’t go unrecognised. We’re proud of our high expectations here, but there is a culture that supports bringing out the best opportunities for individuals to learn and grow in a collaborative and diverse environment.

What is it like to work for Group IT?

There is nowhere in the business more fast-paced, challenging or varied than our IT department.

The team is responsible for setting the technology strategy and roadmap for Volkswagen Group UK whilst creating innovative solutions, maintaining applications and optimising security.

Our people are also experts in Volkswagen Group’s global business processes and systems and are proficient at implementing vast change programmes.

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